Fixed Price Servicing from £115 | Letchworth, Hertfordshire | Norton Way Peugeot

Fixed Price Servicing at Norton Way Peugeot

We have a range of fixed price servicing options for any Peugeot vehicle more than 3 years old. Our Peugeot-trained technicians will carry out a set list of actions at set price, which range in price depending on your budget. Plus, if you book your MOT at the same time you can also save money.


Interim Service

Essentials Originals
Interim Service
£115 £140
Interim Service & MOT
£149 £175

Full Service

Essentials Originals
Full Service
£195 £250
Full Service & MOT
£229 £285


Interim and Full Service Options


  • Change of oil and oil filter
  • Top-ups of all fluids*
  • Brake, steering and other safety checks
  • Visual checks including lights, tyres, mirrors, wipers and indicators
  • Environmental checks - pollen filter and exhaust
  • Reading fault memory codes
Includes Interim Service, plus:

  • Replacement of Air Filter element**
  • Replacement of spark plugs**
  • Replacement of gearbox oil**
  • Additional checks, including rear brake lining wear, valve clearance, power steering and hoses, wheel bearing, suspension, transmission shafts and more

*AdBlue top ups will not be included in Service & Maintenance plans on any new PEUGEOT Euro 6 Diesel models that are fitted with an external AdBlue filling point.

** Where appropriate

Originals and Essentials Options

Servicing using Original Equipment parts:

  • 100% Peugeot - built specifically for your Peugeot
  • Optimum performance - The best quality parts for your Peugeot
  • Enhanced Durability - designed to last longer
Servicing using Approved parts:

  • Cost-effective - Prices bench-marked against independent repair chains
  • Meet European specifications
  • Suitable for other makes and models


Best Equipment

Our Peugeot technicians have access to the latest tools and diagnostic equipment that have been designed specifically for Peugeot vehicles.

Technical Updates

Any technical updates for your car will be performed free of charge, ensuring you have the best possible driving experience.

Our Motability Solutions

Our range of solutions to keep you mobile include: courtesy cars, collection & delivery and lifts to local destinations.

Free Vehicle Health Check

We will carry out a free check every time your vehicle is in for a service. 

Service and Repair History

A service history performed by a Peugeot dealership helps maintain the resale value of your Peugeot. 

Wash and Vacuum 

Carried out every time your vehicle is with us for service or maintenance work.