New Peugeot 308: Fresh faced with new engines for 2017

Having now been on sale for four years in its current form, Peugeot have now decided to give the 308 its mid-life facelift, whilst adding some fresh engines to the line up for a new lease of life.

Starting with the front end, the 308 has been fitted with the latest version of Peugeots trademark grille, slightly more upright with chrome features to break up the black centre portion. The new grille sits just above a newly reprofiled front bumper, whilst the head and tail lights have been upgraded to give the 308 a new lighting signature. These front end style updates align the 308 more cloesly with the likes of the new 3008 & 5008SUV's.

Underneath the stylishly redesigned front end, efficiency updates to the 1.2 litre three-cylinder petrol engine include the utilisation of a new passive-regeneration particulate filter. The use of particulate filters in petrol-powered cars is still fairly uncommon, but expect this technology to spread into the mainstream over the next few years - especially with increasing public awareness of vehicle emissions.

An all-new 128bhp 1.6-litre diesel will also be rolled out, with a patented combustion chamber design that has been developed from Peugeot’s Le Mans racing cars of a few years ago. Changes to the more powerful 2.0-litre unit in the GT model are limited to a new Aisin 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Inside the refreshed new car, Peugeot have added an upgraded infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Phone mirroring as standard. We havent yet seen images of the new interior or rear of the car as of yet but it's suspected that the trim updates will have been inspired by the award winning 3008.

These changes will be available across the range, that includes the beastly 266bhp GTi, from September - stay tuned for more info on the new model.

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