Get your Air Con ready for Summer for just £29.99!

Up until September 30th we're offering a full Air Conditioning service for just £29.99. Not only will your car come back with a fully functional and refreshed air con system, but we'll even top up any key fluids and perform a vehicle health check too!

In this service, we will:

  • Remove and replace vital oil and refrigerant gas
  • Comprehensive check of Hoses, filters, belts and connections
  • Check the compressor and condenser are both working correctly
  • Vacuum test for leaks and damage
  • Debug bacteria build up by flushing ventilation system

Having your Air Con system checked once a year ensures it's working efficiently. Helping you maintain a comfortable temporature, prevent musty, damp odours (caused by a build-up of bacteria) and steamy windows when it's damp outside.

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