All-new 3008 SUV stands out from the crowd

“Peugeot has now totally revamped the All-New 3008 SUV with a top-spec GT model aimed to meet what the firm thinks is a ‘growing demand’ for top-spec SUVs with high equipment levels, great performance and efficiency and ‘desirable capabilities’. That’s right, following the SUV trend the 3008 mini MPV has morphed into a luxury SUV,” says Jamie Merrill for iNews.

“The All-New 3008 SUV is certainly handsome, with smart roof bars sweeping back to an automatic tailgate and lion’s claw tail lights. There is chrome outlining the windows too, and a ‘Coupe Franche’ paint job as another optional extra.”
Inside, “the dashboard curves around the driver and there are nicely crafted details that could have come straight from BMW or Audi.
“Practicality is good, and there’s room enough in the back for two adults to sit comfortably, plus one of the biggest boots in the class.”
Overall, the GT impressed Merrill: “The SUV sector is booming and the GT is a handsome and capable addition that stands out in a crowded field.” (Link: iNews, 9 Feb

A top-notch company car
“Even in the sportiest GT version and with the most powerful 180hp engine, the All-New 3008 SUV still boasts a 58.9mpg combined consumption figure and 124g/km emissions, meaning just £143 a month in company car tax from April when the rate changes,” reports Business Car Manager. The Business Car Manager team is particularly fond of the “sharp, sporty feel to the steering and tidy handling. We also felt there was a question mark over the ride on the bigger wheels after sampling the All-New 3008 SUV earlier this year. However, we’re pleased to report that even with this GT’s biggest 19-inch wheels, the ride is still comfortable and dealt with the potholes on the UK test route surprisingly well.

”Despite the move from left to right-hand drive, one of the biggest highlights of the All-New 3008 SUV, according to the report, “has to be the latest and boldest version of the i-Cockpit, which gives a new and unique driver-focused feel to the dashboard design. The All-New 3008 SUV’s driving position is excellent, with pleasingly supportive seats, which on the GT feature a relaxing massaging function, that should prove welcome on long trips.” The All-New 3008 SUV is described as an “interesting car to look at on the outside. At the front, the All-New 3008 SUV’s distinctive style is signalled with the distinctive vertical Peugeot family grille and the slashed full-LED headlights. The All-New 3008 SUV remains instantly recognisable from the side, with this Peugeot’s raised belt-line, chrome detailing, chunky roof bars and side protection.” The final verdict is a positive one: “It might be the range-topping All-New 3008 GT, but it still holds true to the new model’s values of style, quality and refinement which are more than a match for SUV rivals.” (Link: Business Car Manager, 30 January)

“While Peugeot isn’t seeking to redefine the SUV sector with the All-New 3008 SUV, it has its own style, and its interior and dashboard are distinctive and look more advanced than those in rivals,” says Fleet News.
“The car dealt with a mixed test route very well, and gave no worries on a deeply potholed gravel track. It has a spacious and comfortable cabin, as well as an impressive-sized boot.”
When chosen with Grip Control, “the All-New 3008 SUV ought to cope with most drivers’ off-road requirements. The medium SUV sector is becoming crowded, and increasingly popular with buyers; but the All-New 3008 SUV stands out as an impressive all-round family car.” (Link: Fleet News, 20 January)

“The All-New 3008 SUV is a much bigger car in character and dimension, and is much quicker to turn and less prone to roll than the Renault Scenic,” says Car magazine in a recent triple test.
“The All-New 3008 SUV boasts an infotainment package of such visual splendour that it makes the fourth of July in Las Vegas seem understated, and as you get close to other vehicles, the digital rev counter is blown up in a ball of orange flame that warns of impending collision. Fabulous, if a little over-dramatic,” says the report.
“The driver can also change the dial graphics to numbers, or rotors such as those found in an Enigma machine, as well as change the smell of the car. I started with Aerodrive but due to a cold couldn’t tell whether Cosmic Cuir or Harmony Wood were any different. However, on this ‘Multi-Sensory Ambience’ section of the display I could change the massaging function from a fairly standard roll to ‘Cat Paw’, which was rather like having Eartha Kitt padding up and down your back while you drive. Groovy.”
The cabin of the All-New 3008 SUV is described as “quite superb. We urge you, next time you are passing a Peugeot dealer to pop in just to have a look at it. Peugeot cabins have been getting better for a while, but the All-New 3008 SUV finally lays to rest that old French-can’t-do-it-like-the-Germans line. The materials are thick and nicely matched, and even the complicated, artful three-dimensional shapes that make up the centre of the dash fit tightly, while the lime-washed wood panelling and brushed metal switchgear is very of the moment too.”
Overall, the “All-New 3008 SUV just sparkles that bit more” than the SEAT Ateca and the Renault Scenic: “Wilfully eccentric in many ways, as any good French car should be, backed up with stupendous quality, it will make you chuckle as well as doing the dull

All-New 3008 SUV has an excellent interior

“More than any of its other recent introductions, Peugeot’s All-New 3008 SUV calls attention to its long-dormant strengths. A certain boldness with styling, interior design, functionality and material quality is to be lauded,” writes Matt Saunders for Autocar. Saunders describes the All-New 3008 SUV as “stylish and classy-looking, with a floating roof and chrome touches used to good effect.” Interior quality is the most impressive aspect of the vehicle according to the report, as the fascia “is conspicuously handsome – especially the centre console and piano-keyed centre stack, which look and feel like they’ve been carved out of the side of a polypropylene cliff. The material richness and perceived quality are more convincing than those of any mainstream crossover you might compare it with.” (Link: Autocar,
10 February)